GRC1 Cardano Stake Pool

A fair and decent pool network, built by a Professional Engineer. Simple. No big words. Just_Online.

The Idea behind GRC1 Network Pool

GRC1 network pool went online on the 8th of October 2020. It was a mature move of our head Sysadmin Ioannis who happened to have a small amount of ADA left in a big exchange. While watching and being a passenger of the ADA train since the late of 2017s, he started investing small amounts of Euros on it. Why making the pool now and not in day1 of Shelley? Well, cryptos are a very high risk currency game so every move has to be taken under very serious consideration, so u gotta be preety sure of your next move. The gained trust on the team of Cardano, came up with the Genesis of GRC1.

GRC1 Technical Specs

The truth: Proven 95% of the stake pools out there run on Virtual Machines. A bare metal setup is simply NOT Affordable (and not needed at all!) at this time of writing. By saying "not afforable" of course I don't mean running a bare metal PC@Home and spinning the Pool in it. To me, bare metal means running the hardware in at least a Tier3 Datacenter. It's the easiest thing to place here a couple of snapshots from a hyper computing machine from the foundation I administer, and "sell" it to you people as a stake pool. Nope. I won't lie to you. Stake pools need: RAM, Network, Uptime, and a lot of sysadmin skills. Nothing more, Nothing less. So there we are, summarised:

  • 1 Producer/9 Relays!
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • Resilient 10gbit vNICs/10gBit Backbone
  • VPN Network between Producer and Relays
  • CentOS7/8 OSes (Ubuntu is NOT
    designed to run as a server. Period.)
  • Worldwide Presence (NL, DE, GR, IN, ID, US, JP, MY, UK)
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 48 vCores, Xeon Gold/128GB vRam/1250G vSSD

Stake to GRC1

Staking to a #Cardano $ADA Pool is very easy!

Choose your faviourite wallet: We strongly encourage you to use the Officially supported wallets: Daedalus, Yoroi

After your favourite wallet setup and sync to the blockchain, create a wallet address according to the wallet's instructions, and withdraw the $ADA you purhased from the exchange to it

Go to the Staking related tab of the wallet, search for GRC1, and delegate the $ADA of your wallet address to us! That's all! Always have in mind that your $ADA never leave your wallet address. You can Tranfer them, Deposit them back to the exchange and trade them, at any time, on your will!

NOTICE: Please download and install the wallets ONLY from the official websites. Daedalus DOES NOT have a mobile application version. Questions???

Usefull Statistic links: Adapools, PoolTool,, PoolTool, AdaStat


14/Feb/2021: Our network is growing FAST! 9 Relays in total, of which 6 are runing at countries where presence is rare. We will costantly look after distant places to expand our relay network

07/Feb/2021: Two new Relays, one in Jakarta and one in New Jersey are up and running! 6 in total now! Let's see which country is next!

01/Feb/2021: Two new Relays, one in India and one in Greece are up and running! We're do our best to make GRC1's network as stable and accurate as it has to be. Within a couple of months from now there will be 4 more Relays: one in NY and then in Africa, Singapore, and Australia

31/Jan/2021: Epoch 243 and 244 was kinda disappointing but 245 has hit over 100% luck, eventhough we lost some big delegators because of that. I'm sure we'll gain their trust again, perfect things to come are ahead of us

28/Jan/2021: The 10th block reward is not as sweet as the 1st one, i admit it!

16/Jan/2021: Soooo! We BET this epoch 242 will be an awesome one, getting into it with +8 new delegators. Thank you for your trust guys, we won't dissapoint you.

12/Jan/2021: The 2nd relay is up n running. There will be much more soon enough so that our Producer will be always in near-zero Tip difference!.

26/Oct/2020: Our 1st block ever is already there!!! Since 26Oct2020 07:41:24am. With a chance of leading one at 0.02%, we hit a 5000% luck. Well, it's not a matter of just luck. It's a matter of a professional setup guys. Jump in the train and you wont regret it.

14/Oct/2020: Draft website is up 'n' running!!! More updates and content will be added frequently. Stay tuned!

9/Oct/2020: Invitation has been sent out to waiting private investigators to stack their ADA in GRC1 Pool. We can't wait for the Live Stake to increase!!! So exited!!!

8/Oct/2020: The first - GRC1 - pool is set up 'n' running. Consists of the minimum 1Producer and 1Relay in an infrastructure in NL. Pledge is set up at 10k ADA, and a non-changing 1% Margin. Eventhough, for starters, the Owner's wallet hold approx. 32k ADA.

Live feeds

Check out GRC1 Pool live statstics.



Questions? Comments? Anything? We'll be pleased if you share your thoughts with us!